Breakfast Casseroles

As life gets busier, we tend to simplify or automate certain aspects of it – paying bills through auto payment (though I don’t do it), auto-renewing of subscriptions, doing groceries on the way from work instead of going just for it. In short, we try to optimize life, and put it on auto-pilot as much as possible.

Scratch all of the above. That’s going to be a different post – in a different blog. I’ll link it here when I do it.

Cereals for breakfast – that’s the norm, most of the time for many people. We have been no exception ever since we came to this country 4 years ago – cereals are the way to go when it comes to breakfast. Hubby and I have experimented different brands, and while I’ve settled on a couple of my favorites, hubby still likes to experiment.

Over the past year and a half, we’ve been trying new ways to incorporate healthy cooking as a part of our lifestyle (that’s still a work in progress in case you are wondering about its status). We were on the same page – Why do we still eat cereal which is mostly processed ingredients and sugar? I was looking for healthy alternatives for a while, and hit jackpot when I found Low carb casserole recipes.

A breakfast that keeps you full, and not bloated or sleepy. Proteins from eggs, healthy fat from cheese, and healthy carbs from vegetables. What more do we want? The best part is I make it once, and it serves both of us for a week! No – that’s not the best part – the best part is it’s tasty and hubby loves it. 🙂

These days, we alternate weeks between cereal and casseroles, but as I get more inspired by a variety of different casseroles, we hope to make the switch for good.

So, grab on the salsa, and let’s enjoy the casseroles.

The pic below is the original recipe:


I’ve started adding spinach upon hubby’s request. We get more creative as the days go by.



Chocolate Cake

I made this for Hubby’s birthday in 2014. I’ve experimented with this cake few times since then

  • Writing on it ( I said experimented – not succeeded 🙂 )
  • Decorating. Again no comments on how it turned out.
  • 3 layers instead of just two – Gooooood!!
  • Altering chocolate and whipped cream filling – This was the best

No matter how I do it, it has been incredibly tasty – I hope some folks can attest to it. Especially if served after a day or two of baking – Talk of all the filling soaking into the cake, and making it oh-so-moist!! I’ve even helped a friend bake it at our home for her family party. I wish there was a different name to it – calling it just a regular John-Doe-Chocolate-Cake seems to do injustice to it. Oh well!

It’s a shame I don’t have more pictures of it – I will update this post if I find more pics somewhere hidden, or when I make it the next time.


Low fat chocolate parfait

I have made this so many times this year. Hubby also made it once for 8 of us

Made from fat free chocolate pudding (with 2% fat milk), fat free whipped cream and fruits, this dessert doesn’t pack as many calories as it appears to. There are many examples where fat free equals taste free (read fat free milk, Hershey’s fat free and the like!), but this one is an exception, and I hope some friends can vouch for it
It’s also very light – because of alternating layers of ingredients providing different flavor and texture while eating.

It’s one of those foods where presentation takes more time than preparation. Love it any day.





Baked potato crisps

Who doesn’t crave potato fries.. It’s the best mid night snack (second in line is popcorn). Baking is a slightly healthier (and easier!) option than frying. Cut the oil and just get the carbs. It was nevertheless very tasty.. Guess the salt and paprika made up for not frying.

Made this a couple of months back, and hopefully again soon this holiday season