Thai Yellow Curry with Chicken

2 confessions –

  1. This is my first attempt in cooking Thai food.
  2. This wasn’t a planned meal

But man, I got respect and more love for Thai food now. The dish was pretty simple to make, and it tasted so good. Sooo Good, that husband said he wished he could record his feelings of how good it tasted. Well, that’s not something you hear everyday.

We just moved, and it was supposed to be a night of eating take-out food and doing some unpacking. I was just rummaging the fridge more in the hope that I’ll find nothing – thereby convincing myself that we did have to buy take-out ONE More time. I found this innocuous yellow curry paste box sitting in a corner. Hubby always (I mean ALWAYS) orders yellow curry whenever we go to a Thai restaurant. So I had got the yellow curry paste when I saw it in the super market – and forgot about it 😦

Anyway, it was super easy to make – it does take some time. 3 words to describe the taste – love, love loved it!

If you have a palate for Thai food, stop by our home, and I’ll be glad to make some soul soothing Thai yellow curry.

Yellow Curry with steamed rice

Served in a bowl - thai style