Chocolate Cake

I made this for Hubby’s birthday in 2014. I’ve experimented with this cake few times since then

  • Writing on it ( I said experimented – not succeeded 🙂 )
  • Decorating. Again no comments on how it turned out.
  • 3 layers instead of just two – Gooooood!!
  • Altering chocolate and whipped cream filling – This was the best

No matter how I do it, it has been incredibly tasty – I hope some folks can attest to it. Especially if served after a day or two of baking – Talk of all the filling soaking into the cake, and making it oh-so-moist!! I’ve even helped a friend bake it at our home for her family party. I wish there was a different name to it – calling it just a regular John-Doe-Chocolate-Cake seems to do injustice to it. Oh well!

It’s a shame I don’t have more pictures of it – I will update this post if I find more pics somewhere hidden, or when I make it the next time.



Low fat chocolate parfait

I have made this so many times this year. Hubby also made it once for 8 of us

Made from fat free chocolate pudding (with 2% fat milk), fat free whipped cream and fruits, this dessert doesn’t pack as many calories as it appears to. There are many examples where fat free equals taste free (read fat free milk, Hershey’s fat free and the like!), but this one is an exception, and I hope some friends can vouch for it
It’s also very light – because of alternating layers of ingredients providing different flavor and texture while eating.

It’s one of those foods where presentation takes more time than preparation. Love it any day.





Tamil Vegetarian Dinner

One of the things with abroad-living is, our social circle almost entirely comprises of people our age-group. Hubby and I sometimes wonder whether our perceptions were becoming less holistic because of this.  So when parents of two of our friends visited US recently, we were happy to have them for dinner last Sunday. We were 11 of us in total including a kid, and we chatted about local movies, politics and life style in general. It was refreshing.

Now to the food – I decided to make traditional tamil vegetarian dinner. It would not have been possible without hubby who helped a lot – right from planning to last minute shopping to chopping veggies to making a whole dish himself. The tomato rice was super-duper hit!!