Mini Idly

Given the relatively short duration I’ve been cooking regularly ( less than one and a half year now), and given the long time I’ve been away from home (since 2008 for my first job), I don’t come up with dishes that easily. I just stuck to the basics. For instance, idly occurred to me, but it took quite a while for me figure out that I need a mini-idly pan.

My kitchen cookware was pretty basic, and for the most part, it still is. The list of things I need keep growing – but I want to buy things only that I realllllllyyyyy will use on a regular basis. I add it to my list – when I miss it for a few times, then I buy it. This is mostly because I have a smaller kitchen at present, but i realize it’s a good habit that i hope to carry on. I bought a set of baking tools recently, and i love using them. Similarly for an indian-mixer grinder. I guess my motto is somewhat like – “Anything that deserves a counter space on my tiny kitchen has to really prove its worth” LOL

Anyway, I ran into mini-idlies while browsing through a list of recipes online, but then I only had regular idly pans. That didn’t deter me when it came to making mini sambar idlies for a couple of friends visiting that evening. I used the regular pans, and added very (very!) little batter, and cooked them. Well, that gave about 12 idlies for one run. Took me about 3 hours to make enough idlies for 4 people, and they turned out to be flat in shape. After a couple of times making mini-idlies this way, I finally made mom send me mini-idly pan through someone who was visiting.

These idlies do look like they were made with mini-idly pans. My favorite way of eating them is as sambar-idlies. Hmm, mouth watering.



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