Low fat chocolate parfait

I have made this so many times this year. Hubby also made it once for 8 of us

Made from fat free chocolate pudding (with 2% fat milk), fat free whipped cream and fruits, this dessert doesn’t pack as many calories as it appears to. There are many examples where fat free equals taste free (read fat free milk, Hershey’s fat free and the like!), but this one is an exception, and I hope some friends can vouch for it
It’s also very light – because of alternating layers of ingredients providing different flavor and texture while eating.

It’s one of those foods where presentation takes more time than preparation. Love it any day.






Baked potato crisps

Who doesn’t crave potato fries.. It’s the best mid night snack (second in line is popcorn). Baking is a slightly healthier (and easier!) option than frying. Cut the oil and just get the carbs. It was nevertheless very tasty.. Guess the salt and paprika made up for not frying.

Made this a couple of months back, and hopefully again soon this holiday season